Terms and Conditions

By participating in our severs including Discord guild, you are agreed to our terms.


By purchasing virtual products from Ecliptic or by accessing contents and services provided by Ecliptic, you are assumed to understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.


By purchasing products from us through our shop, you are paying Ecliptic, not Mojang. Furthermore, we are not affiliated with Mojang or its owning company Microsoft Corporation in any way.

Purchased products are to be used on one account only. You may not purchase one rank and use it across multiple accounts. We have the right to terminate purchased products from our store if the game or privileges we provide no longer exist, but will stop selling it before it is phased-out. We offer no guarantees to the existence of your purchases, but we do our best to keep the privileges available.

Your purchased products can be removed by the network if you have violated our rules, or taken any actions that would bring negative consequences to us. For example, hacking or impersonating.


Playing on our servers is entirely free, thus providing you with the opportunity to experience our network prior to making a purchase. Purchases are final, no refunds. If you are banned for violating the Terms and Conditions, no money will be refunded. Wins and stats are not guaranteed by our products, so no refunds will be made even if you are dissatisfied with your purchased items. Please do think twice before any purchases.


Punishments are not being made unless supported by solid proves. Any actions made by our staffs will not be redone unless your guilt has been overthrown by evidence.