General Rules

Here are the rules of our servers, either in-game or Discord. Please be aware that rules may be added at any time.

Be respectful

✔ Swearing is allowed except it is for harassment. ❌Hate speech or discrimination are not allowed.

No inappropriate contents of any kind

✔ Please keep Ecliptic a friendly place. ❌NSFW, 18+ and contents are not tolerated.

Listen to and respect our staff members

✔ Complaints and feedbacks are welcomed. ❌Don't blame or spam staffs about your situation.

Advertisements about other servers are not allowed

✔ You can do any kind of advertisements, but it must be about our server. ❌You are not allowed to advertise for other servers.

Speak in English

✔ You can speak in other languages unless excessively. ❌Do not keep speaking other languages for confusion or harassment.

No spamming

✔ Keep your messages in one paragraph. ❌CAPS and repeated messaged are not tolerated.

Do not ask for privileges

✔ Applications for ranks and staff positions are welcomed when they are available. ❌Do not ask for in-game currencies, ranks or staff positions.

Any attempts for violations of rules or associated threats are not allowed

❌Any attempts for hacking, grieving or Discord raiding etc are not tolerated.